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Albanian authorities have taken several legal and administrative initiatives to reduce the use of cash. Despite these initiatives undertaken it seems that the intended effects are not completely materialized and the volume of cash transactions continues to be high. The high level of cash transaction raises concerns to the banks. These concerns are related to the costs associated with processing the cash and with the inefficiency produced by the high level of the unused liquidities.

Updated on: May 6, 2009

Current Status

After gathering PWG suggestions on the final conclusions and proposals, SPI Secretariat assembled them in a Consultation Paper that will be distributed to the Banking Community for feedback. Based on the received feedback, SPI Secretariat will draft the PWG Recommendations to be discussed and approved in the final PWG meeting.


SPI Committee Recommendation

SPI Secretariat Evaluation Results
Project working Group Recommendations
SPI Albania Draft Protocol on Common Policy to Reduce Cash Transactions
Draft regulatory action plan PWG proposals
SPI Albania Project on Reducing Cash Transactions Consultation Feedback
SPI Albania Project on Reducing cash transactions consultation paper
Policy proposals selfregulatory and regulatory measures to reduce cash transactions
Summary findings of the survey on banks on cash transactions (including the quantitative impact analysis of reducing cash transactions
Summary findings of the survey on shops on cost and benefits of reducing cash transactions
SPI Albania Cash reduction Cost Benefits Questionnaire Shops
Revised Banks’ Cost-Benefit Questionnaire Draft on Various Means of Payment
Revised Note on International Experience
Note on International Experience
Banks’ Cost-Benefit Questionnaire
Note on Research Companies’ Proposals for a National Scale study on Cash Volume Costs in Albania
Revised Scoping of the Problem Document
Scoping of the Problem Document
Project Terms of Reference



Oliver Whittle Project Owner (PO),CEO, Raiffeisen Bank
Robert Wright Project Manager (PM),Board Member for Retail Banking, Raiffeisen Bank
Elivar Golemi
Deputy Project Manager (DPM),Head Sector Payments Department, Bank of Albania



Jonida Vaso Union Bank
Griselda Cela Credins Bank
Liliana Nanaj American Bank of Albania
Elird Qendro, Mirela Pekmezi Italian Bank of Development

Terms of Reference

Project Working Group Meeting Agendas, Documents and Minutes


Fifth meeting

April 21, 2009

Agenda and Minutes

Fourth meeting

March 4, 2009

Agenda and Minutes

Third meeting

November 27, 2008

Agenda and Minutes

Second meeting

September 24, 2008

Agenda and Minutes

First meeting

July 28, 2008

Agenda and Minutes