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Bank of Albania current regulation on the implementation of execution on bank accounts is lacking provisions regarding public institution accounts or consolidated accounts. Notwithstanding financial intermediary role, banks are faced with the difficulty to execute bailiff orders. There is a need for a new regulation to be issued by the Bank of Albania.

By determining proper procedures regarding execution on public institution accounts, Banks operate in a safer institutional environment which protects them from abusive or unclear actions of bailiff offices, tax offices etc. Reduced uncertainty might be reflected in lower costs, improved bank-client relationships and in more transparency with account operations.


Updated on : October 26, 2009

Current Status

The PWG, assisted by SPI Secretariat will draft a questionnaire for the identification of the possible changes to the regulatory framework for bank account executions. 




Mr. Seyhan  Pencapligil    

 Project Owner (PO), General Director, National Commercial Bank 

Mrs. Veronika Prifti  

 Project Manager (PM), Head of Legal Department, National Commercial Bank    

Mr. Elvis Zaimi    

 Co-Project Manager (CPM), Head of Section, Legal Department, Bank of   Albania     

Mrs. Isida Koka        

 Co-Project Manager (CPM), Budget Department, Ministry of Finance     



Mr. Redi Lamaj  

 First Investment Bank

Mr. Kujtim Mare      

 Raiffeisen Bank     

Mr. Arben Gjoleka    


Mrs. Andin Jakova      

 International Commercial Bank        

Mr. Gelas Yzo   

 Tirana Bailiff Office        

Mr. Alban Mehmeti      

 Emporiki Bank      

Mr. Linda Gavazi    

 Tax Directorate

Terms of Reference

Project Working Group Meeting Agendas, Documents and Minutes

First Meeting

 October 22, 2009

Agenda and Minutes

Second Meeting

 December 16 ,2009

Agenda and Minutes